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Spring Cleaning closet cleanout! [02 Apr 2012|11:29pm]
Clothing & accessories for sale from Cybertart, Dogpile, Lip Service, plenty of nerd tees & more!Collapse )

I accept Paypal and ship worldwide from the US. Prices do not include shipping.
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TONS of items for sale! [01 Jan 2009|09:08pm]
My sister and I have so far raised a few hundred to put towards Gia. Her vet bill was $1,200. Her first holistic treatment with bee venom injections, chiro, acupuncture, and detoxification was $450 (this was AFTER a 20% discount thanks to sisters friend in the pet field who asked for a favor)

Gia will need 2 more treatments until Dr. Miller can determine if this will help her in any way which will run about $300 each. From there we will see if she will 100% need the wheelchair which will cost $500 with the accessories for her needs. Dr. Miller said it is bad karma to order one right away which I understand. We also decided to go with K9 Karts as they have a faster turn around and have been making doggy carts for 40 years.

My sister & I are scrambling to find stuff to get rid of, this is just the start so please take a look.

TONS of items including BPAL, Tokidoki, Funkplus, jewelry, toys, Dickies, +MORE!Collapse )

Price do NOT include shipping. I accept Paypal and ship worldwide!

We also still have a bunch of stuff unsold on eBay!
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So the grade was posted this morning... [08 Nov 2008|10:13am]

...I PASSED!!!!

I am going to fucking burn my review book! That is, after I enjoy my nummy fondue dinner with Brian at the Melting Pot tonight to celebrate.

Also, Brian is insane and bought me a gift for passing my exam...he comes in this morning with a big heavy box - an Xbox 360 Elite!!!!!! My boyfriend is insane but I like ittt! Oh man black sexiness ahoy! Now to mod my other Xbox kekeke

Thank you all for the support <3
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Thank goodness [04 Nov 2008|12:29pm]
I did something stupid to upset Brian when I didn't even think twice doing it - nothing HUGE like cheating or anything of the sorts but I totally understand why he was upset with me. Basically I need to respect myself more.

Long story short he forgave me and everything is going to be alright.

He really is an amazing guy and this is the first relationship where the 2 parties took things slow and just let things build with no expectation & no infatuation involved. No one has been so sweet, kind, supportive, and caring and actually RESPECTS me, which I am totally not used to. It's not something that has faded with time - to this day he still kisses me before we go to bed and when we wake up, always tells me goodnight online, doesn't mind doing things I want to do, etc. Plus the fact he actually gets along with my friends. It's all those little things - he even deals with my smelly farts! I could go on for hours but I think you may vomit or think I'm nuts about half the things.

To think I met him off an ad with no picture I posted on craigslist to see what kind of dirtbags would respond.

I have to thank fukkatsu for talking to me while I was in my car crying for an hour scared things weren't going to go well as I waited for him to come home from work.

I don't know what I would have done if I had fucked things up this time...
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Ugh [25 Apr 2008|03:11am]
So I passed out around 6:30ish only after being home for an hour and woke up at 1:30am - I have been up since then.

Fucked myself over as I never ate dinner, though am not hungry, and had laundry to do. Gotta pack my bg as we have our little weekend in Philly that we're leaving for Friday evening (Brian, myself, Dan, & Omar in our car)

Anyways, my last day of clinic is here - wow! I had my last visit from my professor today. Some minor little things were off due to me being nervous (I wasn't with professor Lamb's visit) but I nailed my 3/3 for clinic and also got a 3 on my notes - YAY! Chris wrote great things about me and Professor O'Keefe said it was like I was one of the workers there and was impressed by a lot. SO happy I made it through...I start my next clinic Monday. To think in SIX WEEKS I am done! Such a tremendous achievement!

I should go to sleep so I don't overdo myself. Just fuck me for messing up my sleep cycle...
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Random items for sale! [02 Mar 2008|06:15pm]
I want to help out mom with some of the vet bills for Gia so trying to sell whatever stuff I have flaoting around I don't need! eBay fees are too expensive these days!

Clothing, geek tees, accessories, anime, +other stuffCollapse )

Give me offers, I accept Paypal and can ship first class or priority mail.
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Piccies! [14 Sep 2007|11:43am]
I's got my car!

2008 Nissan Altima Coupe - I'm so fucking glad I got the blue color...Collapse )

I love the car, I love the comfy interior, the handling is superb, it goes vroom, all that good stuff. It better be worth it for what it was costing me ;_;
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Berserk [06 Jul 2007|01:40am]

AMV done ONLY to manga artwork plus a badass song...I'm in love <3
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